Join the Uncharted Team!

We're looking for retail associates for the winter season.
Join our team of awesome folks!
Get discounts on epic tees, listen to good music, learn about screen printing, impress your Mom with a paying job.
General Summary:
The Uncharted Studio is a silkscreening house and retail store located in the heart of downtown Rincon Plaza. Established in 2005, The Uncharted Studio has been a Rincon local business for over 10 years providing artistic culture, apparel and giveback to the community of Rincon.
We pride ourselves on developing unique products that are not only eco-minded but also comfortable and stylish. We are a creative warehouse with designs inspired by the ocean, both above and below the surface, and the beauty that surrounds it.   Our brick and mortar shop houses an array of apparel, accessories, local photography, one-of-a-kind artwork and more. 
Our environmentally conscious screen-printing process uses only soy and citrus-based solvents, no harsh-chemical cleaners. Successfully serving commercial businesses and independent apparel clients in Puerto Rico, New York, Florida and statewide, offering hand pressed silk screening, discharge printing and dye sublimation printing.
Job Details + Responsibilities:
  • Welcomes customers by greeting them; offering them assistance.
  • Engages with customers by suggesting products; providing knowledgeable information on brand and products; notifying them of sales and events.
  • Processes payments on POS by totaling purchases; processing cash, and store or other credit cards.
  • Provides entire retail inventory with utmost accuracy including providing notice to managers when stock may be running low.
  • Maintains a clean, presentable retail space and work environment.
  • Ensures all products are visually pleasing, tagged with prices and accessible to customers.
  • Takes initiative in daily tasks to better the retail space and ensure it is operating at its full potential.
  • Assists in fulfillment of online orders including packaging and mailing.
  • Distributes flyers and promotional materials as needed.
  • Open and close retail store as needed.
  • Clear understanding of brand image and active representative of the brand.
Skills and Qualifications:
  • Bilingual
  • Ability to use iPad based POS system
  • Knowledge of retail industry
  • Interest in apparel and silkscreening
  • Knowledge of Rincon and the surrounding area
  • General math skills
  • People skills
  • Energy level
  • Timely and responsible
Email us to apply:


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